By: Ethan Maurice, Desert Lens

December 14, 2021

Why work with Desert Lens? With every shoot, we create compelling answers.

However, this is not a shoot but an article. So let us endeavor to explain in words and knowledge instead of imagery and feel.

Thriving in the Age of the Internet

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the shift to the internet in just about all industries and areas: work, shopping, dating, food, and even film all underwent radical overnight transformation.

Real estate did too: in 2020, 98% of homebuyers used the internet to find their next home and 63% of homebuyers bought site unseen.

Like in other industries, this is not a temporary shift, but a radical change. The rising tide of tech will, in all likelihood, only continue to rise.

In all industries, this is a big deal. With way more business than ever before happening through the internet, the importance of everyone’s online presence matters way more than ever before.

Recognizing this trend, we at Desert Lens have doubled down online ourselves. Just over two years into business, we’re already on the third version of our website, have put great effort into search engine optimization (SEO), and well, as real estate photography is our what we do, we have some pretty great imagery to “wow” anyone who finds our business through the web.

While many of aspects are vital to thriving online (web design, word choice, SEO, social media strategy, a cohesive company vision, and a bunch of other factors), we believe one factor stands out above the rest:


Whether on a computer, tablet, or phone, we always interact with the internet through screens. And screens are a visual medium.

Thus, imagery is the internet’s primary means of making an impression.

This is where we at Desert Lens — with stunning TruLens® photography, drone imagery, video tours, Matterport & Zillow 3D Tours, and much more — creates real value for our clients. We beautifully illustrate the value of our client’s client’s most valuable assets through imagery on the internet.

Yet, we believe the most valuable asset we help to create on the internet is not actually stunning real estate imagery, but rather, what that stunning real estate imagery creates:

A high quality online appearance and, over time, reputation for our clients.

Small Investment in the Long Run

When we speak with agents who take their own photographs or use budget listing services, we get the same question over and over:

“Why would I pay anything more for photographs from Desert Lens? Even if your photographs are way better, in this market, my next listing is going to sell regardless.”

They’re absolutely right. 

We usually answer with a question:

“Agreed, but what about the reputation you’re developing online? Wouldn’t it be great to have more listings coming in?”

Business isn’t built in a day. It is the result of steady quality effort snowballing in the long term. In order for the snowballing process to occur, though, the business must be helpful, cohesive, and interacting with it should aid in the snowballing process. In the post-covid age of the internet, for real estate agents selling people’s most valuable asset, we see budget listing photos as a hindrance to this snowballing process.

Paying a bit more for an industry-leading Desert Lens photographer to shoot your listings and our TruLens® Technology process result in way better imagery. This imagery is not just for selling one listing, but also for building a sterling presence and reputation online as a real estate agent.

With 98% of homebuyers searching onlinehomesellers are also looking to see how the agent they choose to sell their most valuable asset will represent it online.

This did not matter much ten years ago, but with the rapid acceleration of tech in the industry due to COVID, the internet matters now, and will increasingly.

We see working with Desert Lens not as a short-term solution to selling your next listing, but a small, incremental, long-term investment in one’s online presence in an increasingly online world and real estate industry.

Sure, a big claim from a real estate photography company. But the way everything is trending toward tech, we believe, a well reasoned one.

Capture Attention with Desert Lens

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